Best Penny Stocks for 2019

Best Penny Stocks for 2019 have been regarded as a lucrative list of the cheap penny stocks to be purchased by the traders. There are many risks involved with penny stock trading and smart investment strategies can lead towards a right way to give most rewarding opportunities for larger payouts.

There are some names which will probably bring rewards to the investors and minimize the risks to develop the best results. The best penny stocks for 2019 are mentioned below for a review:

  1. Arotech Corporation (NASDAQ: ARTX)

Arotech Corporation is a company dealing with defense and security services and operates in various countries. The company is a positive choice for the profitability and its stocks on NASDAQ define it as a successful venture. The manufacturing and designing of high-end military and non-military equipment has a commercially uplifted market and charging systems for military. The stocks are priced at a few cents over $3 and are expected to grow larger with the advanced systems designed by the company.

  • mCig Stock (OTCMKTS: MCIG)

This marijuana-based company is based in Las Vegas and has successfully developed its reputation in cultivation and construction of marijuana. The present locations of working for the company are New York, Nevada, and California. It is one of the preeminent marijuana stocks on OTC market. The market capitalization of the company is over $71 M which will expectedly grow in the coming phases. The stocks are traded less than 15 cents at present which doesn’t make a firm investor confidence. The increase in profits and investor will lead to positive results for the company’s success.

  • Tuesday Morning Corporation (NASDAQ: TUES)

Tuesday Morning Corporation is a home-goods retailing company based in Dallas, Texas. The company has over 700 stores in the US and this is a strong point for the investors to trust them for a fairer investment. There have been many encouraging and profit potential figures illustrated for the traders to keep an eye on the stock. The stock prices are nearly $2.15 and the investors could enjoy incredible gains with the most rewarding revenue generation.

  • Mid-Con Energy Partners (NASDAQ: MCEP)

Mid-Con Energy Partners is a natural gas and oil producer in Oklahoma. The company has business based on oil and gas exploration and production. The stocks have the value of about $0.85 and the projection was that the revenues will stay lower in level through 2019. Those estimates would have impact with the stocks to stay to better levels. This stock had a value of $20 per share in 2013 when the oil trading was done above $100 per barrel. The chance of MCEP stock will hit the previous levels from 2013 could be seen and it might become a high-rated penny stock in the coming future.

  • PDL BioPharma Inc. (NASDAQ: PDLI)

PDL BioPharma was established to mark patenting on the pharmaceuticals having a huge demand in the market. This is one of the ways to establish the marketing rights at favorable prices. The value of stocks in 2006 was about $30 which has reached to a level of $3.70 at present. The reports acclaim that there have been increase in the market cap of the company and the company is in a position to pay off higher prices for its marketing and pharmaceutical rights.

  • AK Steel Holding Corporation (NYSE: AKS)

Steel industry is volatile and the demand and supply circle determines its situations to mark profitable results. AK Steel Holding Corporation is based in Ohio and the company’s stock is into a downward trend from a value of $5.8 per share value at the end of 2017. The present stock prices are about $2.85 which could be considered as a buying-time from the prospect of investors. The global economy is shifting for a better scope and AK Steel Corporation is expected to make a comeback with its growing earnings and revenue rates. 

  • Bellerophon Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: BLPH)

Bellerophon Therapeutics is a clinical stage biotech company in New Jersey. The all-time high stock price of the company was in the year 2015 with $12.92 value. The stock dropped down in 2017 and since then, there have been downward dips for the stocks. The approximate price of the stocks is about 70 cents and it is expected to grow with the upcoming trends for biotechnology progressions made by the company. With the growth in the biotech segment, the company will probably have the most desirous responses in terms of stock upliftment.

  • Genesis Healthcare Inc. (NYSE: GEN)

Genesis Healthcare, Inc. (GEN) provides long-term and short-term nursing services in CA. It even provides short-term post-acute rehab services. The stocks are undoubtedly speculative but the company’s position on NYSE depicts that there are chances of getting significant traction for the company for better profits. The company’s position was high in 2011 and it broke down to a level of 60 cents in 2017. From that time, the company has worked consistently and there has been a significant increment for the stocks and it has attained a level of $1.40 value at present. The coming back of the stocks to its previous levels is anticipated and the company could have the best scores in the upcoming periods.

  • Senseonics Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SENS)

Senseonics Holdings Inc. is a medical technology-based company in Maryland. The company makes designs, development, and marketing of the glucose monitoring systems for the diabetic patients. The year 2017 was a low phase for the company and this downward drift led to the company’s wave to move towards the lowest side. The stocks are trading under $2.5 level but with the technological upliftment, the company is expected to grow towards higher levels.

  1. Groupon Stock (NASDAQ: GRPN)

Groupon Inc. is a company offering daily-deals to the users and had a very strong opening in 2011 with $28 stock value. This value couldn’t be maintained and fell down after a short interval of time. There were several competitors tapped into the space and company had a next peak in 2015. The sales in 2019 are expected to grow and the per share profits would become larger. This could be a good lead for the investors waiting for the upward trends.