NYSE Penny Stocks Where are the bears at?

The NYSE has a listing of stocks under the per stock value of $5 and the minimum trading volume of 100K shares. The stocks on reputed stock exchanges like NYSE, NASDAQ, and others are much better than those on pink sheets or OTCBB. There are not actually many stocks on NYSE being traded as penny stocks and hence, the listing will show all the stocks under $5 value having a positive scope in the market. There are many companies offering exceptional returns on NYSE market and giving an optimistic view to the performance of the stocks of different segments. This article will discuss some of the best penny stocks to trade in the market and give an outlook for the exceptional performance of the stocks having strong survival rate.

  1. JC Penney Company, Inc. (JCP): This company works in selling the merchandise through various departmental stores. The investors trust this American departmental store chain having presence in 49 states and Puerto Rico. The stocks have shown a movement in this month and the short interest values were gained by some people. The company grew higher EPS over the last five quarters and any positive news from the related segments would act as a catalyst to move the company towards a better run.
  2. Sanchez Energy Corporation (SN): This independent oil exploration and production company has major emphasis on the development of the resources linked to the oil and natural gas resources. It attained positive levels and with the increase in oil prices, the company is expected to give significant results to reach towards its target price. The 52-week high price of $6 could be attained with the significant growth in the sales.
  3. Denbury Resources Inc. (DNR): The company operates as an independent oil and natural gas exploration company in the US. There attained a yearly high position over $6 value in October 2018. The present stock prices are nearing $2.13 and there will be strong values growing with the company’s trends. The investors are hoping to get better results for the company in the coming phases.
  4. Castle Brands (ROX): Castle Brands develops and markets the beverage alcohol brands. It has many products lined up having marketing in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and some Asian Countries. The stocks are at the season’s lowest price of $0.68. With the new developments in the liquor field, the company is expected to have a positive growth and the stock turn-overs will be towards the higher side.
  5. Denison Mines (DNN): This mining stock has small leveled company having a probability to earn big gains. The headquarters of the company are located in Northern Canada and the targets are mainly aimed at Uranium resources. There could be a risk associated with the company as it is looking to higher capital to support its exploration in the appropriate way. The stock prices are at $0.5 level and the probability of moving ahead with business strategies is towards a brighter side.