Penny stocks today

Penny stocks today

Penny stocks are the low-priced stocks having a popular existence. These stocks are priced under $5 per share and in some cases, the value goes below $1 level.

There are some penny stocks today which could be considered for the investments to get the most promising results:

  1. Zynga Inc. (ZNGA)

Zynga an American game developing social video game service provider which was founded in 2017. The company has created several popular games like FarmVille and Words with Friends. The present stock price is above $5 and it has a scope to generate higher tides with the coming progresses. The company has its headquarters based in San Francisco, California. The major focus of the company is towards its social networking and mobile-based games. The mission of the company is to interlink the world on the basis of games. The company’s early investors can take advantage of the low price and consequently, look forward to take an advantage for it to gain momentum.

  1. Denbury Resources, Inc. (DNR)

Denbury Resources is a company working in exploration of hydrocarbon. It works on the extraction of petroleum through improved oil recovery and usage of the CO2 for extracting petroleum from the fields having previous exploitation. The headquarters of the company is located in Texas. The company has seen a huge level of volatility in terms of pricing. The stock prices in June 2008 were at all-time high position of $40.32 and in the same year November, it came down to $5.5 level. The present scenario for the stocks has the price below $2.5 which could be taken as an opportunity for the investors to buy the stocks for the long-run results.

  1. Ascena Retail Group, Inc. (ASNA)

Ascena Retail Group, Inc. (ASNA) is an American women clothing retailer and is the parent company of Ann Inc. The company’s stocks went to all-time high scores of ~ $23 level in 2014 and turned down in May 2017. There was no movement in the stock price for about one year. At present, the stock is at the value of $1.20 which is the lowest value. There have been supportive trends around this area and there are good rewards expected to be played at the present.

  1. Neptune Technologies & Bioresources Inc. (NEPT)

Neptune Technologies & Bioresources Inc. is a Canadian company having specialization in health products with specialty ingredients and customized nutrition concepts. The stock prices are about $3.50 per share. In September 2007, the company attained the maximum stock value of about dollar 6 and immediately within a year, the prices went low to thirty-five cents value. It is expected that the stocks will grow up with the advancement in the niche and there will be a better scope for the company in the coming phases.

  • Cerecor Inc. (CERC)

Cerecor Inc. is a pharmaceutical company located in Maryland. The major focus on the company is towards pediatric healthcare. The company has rose to a position crossing $5.5 value from the 52-week low range of $2.71. This is a positive aspect for the company and it has expectations to reach towards higher levels with its strong buying pressure.