Tech penny stocks 


Technical penny stocks have been the biggest winners in 2019. The stocks have been the winners in 2019 listing due to the growing tech market. The investors are looking for technology stocks with lowest prices but you need to look at the list of most promising stocks to find out the biggest winners in 2019. The ways to find the best large-cap stocks with low per stocks value will include the fundamentals, momentum, and technicalities for the most promising marketing trends. Finding the stocks is not something easy and would require your time and energy. The momentum of stocks is not the only indicator of finding the most promising stocks. Many stocks are trading at high prices but there are some tech penny stocks which have attained this position by bearing losses and having lesser trading volume.

Below given are the most hopeful tech penny stocks to watch out in 2019:

  1. Zix Corporation (ZIXI)

Zix is a secured email provider. It majorly focuses on the secured messaging majorly for government and corporate entities requiring a secured attribute. It is an attractive service following encrypted approach and with the secured environment, the sales rise 65% in five years. There has been a consistent growth in the stock prices in four years. Zix is an opportunity for the investors willing to take risk on cheap priced stock. The market cap of the stocks is $411.81 M and the stock price is $6.85. The company started as a penny stock and has proceeded with the best modules to get ahead of its low-priced tag.

  • Glu Mobile Inc. (GLUU)

This stock has grown to highest levels in terms of technology have attained a position over $11 per stock value at present. Glu Mobile develops games for smartphones. It has attained popularity for the players who use phones or tablets for playing. There are many existing console games and action movie titles used for creating games by the developers of the company. The company is cash rich and have no associated debts. The company has revenue increase in last four quarters and the losses are narrowed down. The company is spending on the R&D to give the astonishing results. The company has crossed the market cap over $1 billion level and there is a long way to go for the developers to go ahead with the stocks.

  • Arotech Corporation (ARTX)

Arotech Corporation has clubbed the hottest trends in the industry: VR and drones. There are offerings made for military and law enforcement sector for training purpose. Arotech also sells emergency services and secured weapons for aircraft and missile systems. FAAC is a subsidiary of the company and was given a contract worth $29 million from the US Marine Corps. The company has developed positive signals for offering additional growth based on the company’s potential for the given sector. The present stock price of ARTX is $3.

  • Plug Power Inc. (PLUG)

This technology-based company uses the concept of using alternative energy for using into hydrogen fuel cell technology. The headquarters are based in New York. The company’s stock value is $2.6 at present and it is expected to grow with the company’s policies and sustainability of products. The market cap is $322 M and with the interest of the investors, it is expected to go far beyond the present values.