Volatile penny stocks 

Volatile penny stocks

Volatility of penny stocks is its price fluctuation in the given timeframe. The most volatile stocks are the riskiest and there are chances that these stocks will be more prone to fluctuations in the market during the day. Volatility is much lower in the developed markets and there is more reliability of stocks. Price fluctuations are often too large in the stocks priced below the level of dollar one. In penny stocks, the price fluctuations are seen in percentages to find out the real difference between the stock ranges.

A list of the most volatile penny stocks is given below for a review:

  1. Vital Therapies Inc. (VTL)

Vital Therapies, Inc. is a biopharma group making its focus on the development of cell-based therapies for the liver failure treatment. This company was founded in 2003 with its headquarters in San Diego, CA. The stock price at present is around half a dollar. The 52-week range of the stock depicts its volatility: 0.1510 – 9.750 and the day range fluctuations have also turned this stock under the category of highly volatile penny stocks.

  • Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises Inc. (BW)

This company is a global leader in environmental technologies, power services, advanced energy systems, and industrial markets. The company is headquartered in Barberton, Ohio. The fluctuating day range of stocks make it a volatile penny stock. The 52-week range of the company is $0.19 – $3.92. It is a good stock for the day traders.

  • Transworld Entertainment Corporation (TWMC)

There has not been a major fluctuation in the yearly price range of TWMC ($0.33 – $1.45), the stocks have been quite volatile in the previous times. The company has operated under several brand names and has positioned in about 250 freestanding and shopping mall-based stores with variable brand names. The number of stores was 500+ in the year 2010 which deteriorated with time. It is expected that the company will get into its previous position with strong market policies.

  • Yangtze River Port and Logistics Ltd (YRIV)

The low and high values of YRIV in 52-weeks duration is $0.30 – $13.55 respectively. This range is the most prevalent example of the fluctuation in the company’s stock prices. The everyday fluctuations of the company’s stock prices also vary with the on-going trends. The company’s subsidiary Wuhan Yangtze River Newport Logistics Co. Ltd. works for the infrastructural development and real estate business for China. The headquarters are located in New York and the company’s operations work coherently with subsidiary for the accumulation of the required market cap.

  • Revolution Lighting Technologies Inc. (RVLT)

Revolution Lighting Technologies Inc. works in designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of LED lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and government segments in the US, Canada, and global markets. The company’s headquarters are located in Stamford, Connecticut. There is a huge range of the products offered by the company and the stocks have ranged between $0.2200 – $4.9000 in the previous year. The day range of the stocks has been revolving around $0.26 – $0.36 value and making it a choice for the day traders.